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 David In Ireland January 2005
David In Ireland January 2005
Dave at age 2

Davey in 1941.
What a cutie! 


Wife Kate O'Boyle's website. Information on Somatic Psychotherapy practice.

Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children  a group that is working to develop a blueprint for raising children that will lead to their optimal development and flourishing, while also indicating to eliminate the practices that result in trauma for children.

Re-evaluation Counseling , also called Co-counseling or RC for short, is an important part of my life. It's basically learning to take turns listening to each other, thereby healing past emotional hurts and regaining our full intelligence and flexibility. Visit this site for more information.  See the unofficial glossary I've created for some of the terms used in RC

the United States Green Party   is working to bring about a better world through local politics and changing the way we live. There may be a local group in your area.

My friend Joan Roelofs has written a great book on Greening Cities: Building Just and Sustainable Communities.  Check it out.

Five Element Acupuncture keeps me healthy.  See Sandra Lillie's page for more information on her work and The Institute for Taoist Education and Acupuncture for information on her acupuncture school.

Planet Drum Resources Page to learn about Bioregionalism, a wonderful way to connect with the place you live.

If you're involved in any way with mining and surety bonds, you couldn't find a better consultant than my long-time friend Victoria Bryan.

Some of my photographs are available for viewing below
Irish Flowers


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